Conception and communication tools


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Digital Model An easier communication

Aesthetics and dematerialised, ease your communication on construction sites or with your clients

Handy, easily readable and user friendly, this tool will allow you to get a general view of your project and to inspect every detail thanks to a true reconstitution using the BIM data of your building. Visualise the networks, structure, strolls in the blink of an eye...and adapt your project consequently.


Dive in the heart of the monuments thanks to Virtual Reality reconstitutions

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Virtual Visits An unprecedented immersion

Through a computer screen or a Virtual Reality headset, feel and live your projects from the inside.

Stop imagining your project, discover it from the inside. Our solutions will allow you to dive in it even before the works start. Like in a video game, move freely and show it to anyone thanks to this model fully adaptable in Virtual Reality.

Wether you are impatient to discover your project or strict concerning its realisation, you will explore every details in full scale through a virtual visit. Interact with spaces, change materials, visualise luminosity... Our virtual visits shorten delays and ease conception.

An evolutive Experience
serving the Customer Experience

Colours, finitions and options have never been simpler to visualise

Heritage reconstitution Living the past

Heritage living again

Thanks to the advanced technologies we use,we are able to give a second life to lost heritage and make you discover it through your very own eyes. Offer a timeless experience with historic reconstitutions and open a new cultural dimension to your exhibitions: stop imagining the past, live it.

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