Renovation of Beuzeville

While BIM technologies allow for some good progress in architecture conception, the introduction of digital models in the development process offers unexpected uses at different scales.

This is the case we had with Beuzeville, a town in the Honfleur agglomeration in Normandy, which is radically transforming its urban aspect while highlighting its remarkable historical past. Thus the town center is redeveloped in place of life instead of the old austere car park and a new cultural center is about to open its doors in the former cider house dating from the nineteenth century.

In partnership with the Sunmetron architecture firm and planners from Babylone we were commissioned to create a detailed digital model of a large part of the town, including the town center and the cider works. These models offered a unique, common and precise support to all the site's stakeholders and made it easier to communicate and save time. In the meantime, our models have found use with the sponsor of the project, namely the city of Beuzeville itself since they serve as a communication support VR for residents, first impacted by the work that will spread over two years. Through this media the reading of the project becomes fun and allows to better understand all the issues of this vast project. These models are exposed to the town hall for a period of two months, open to all with provision of equipment.

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