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A virtual time-travel agency

Architecture is not only about visual: it has to be experienced. Relations between light and materials, form and function or past and future must be lived to be understood at its best. During our architectural studies, we experienced frustration for not being able to visually express our projects concepts, how lights, materials and volumes work together ... And we were even more frustrated for not being able to admire the doomed Crystal Palace or Pennsylvania Station's hall while we were speaking about them in Architecture History courses. Ironically, high tech in the videoludic field constantly pushed away photorealism. Passionate about these innovations for a long time, putting them at the service of disappeared heritage and future architecture was an evidence for us.

Since 2017, we installed our studio at the heart of the Cité Descartes's cluster for its numerous advantages. Located between Paris, Val d'Europe and Roissy/Charles de Gaulle airport, we are minutes away from the three major actors of Ile-de-France, offering us an unequaled mobility.

Moreover, the presence, on site of numerous engineering schools, research laboratories or conception centers likeENSG, l’ESIEE, the Institute of Technology FCBA or different Fablabs allow us to increase our dynamic by multipltying partnerships and exchanges between students and the Studio's professionals.

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