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Our studio was born from a simple observation: architecture is the expression of volumes through space, light dynamic and materials harmony, so why its communication should be limited to simple fixed renders?
While we were finishing our achitecture studies, we quickly realised that it was impossible for actual techniques (3D renders, videos, or even models) to perfectly capture every subtilities of the most intricated projects. Passionate about new technologies we wanted these two domains to work together in order to improve communication about architecture projects, whatever their nature, size or complexity would be. This is the reason why, for years, we have been creating solutions to make them accessible to everyone without oversimplifying them.

Since 2017, we installed our studio at the heart of the Cité Descartes's cluster for its numerous advantages. Located between Paris, Val d'Europe and Roissy/Charles de Gaulle airport, we are minutes away from the three major actors of Ile-de-France, offering us an unequaled mobility.

Moreover, the presence, on site of numerous engineering schools, research laboratories or conception centers like ENSG, ESIEE, the Institute of Technology FCBA or different Fablabs allow us to increase our dynamic by multipltying partnerships and exchanges between students and the Studio's professionals.

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